NWDNB Bass Sciences #002


Freeze is back with our second installment of the Bass Sciences Dept.
Please turn up and enjoy.

Available straight from our site: http://www.nwdnb.net/radio-podcast-2/
Download: http://dnbshare.com/download/Freeze_NWDNB_Podcast_November_12__1.mp3.html
Or MixCloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/gareth-blakey/nwdnb-podcast-2-november-12-with-dj-freeze/


1_Future Cut_Obsession_Ulterior Motive remix Metalheadz
2_Rido_Twisted VIP_Metalheadz dub
3_Jayda_Loose Ends_Fine Print dub
4_Mtwn_Architecture_Proximity dub
5_Konichi_Mostel_Hanger Records
6_Bredren_Biosphere VIP_Proximity dub
7_Jayda_The Sword_Fine Beats dub
8_Axon_Pinpoint_Proximity dub
9_Jam Thieves_Park Of Monster_V Recordings
10_Jayda_Come Back_Fine Print dub
11_Outer Heaven_Blades_Proximity dub
12_Dawn Raid & Bladerunner_Iscariot_dub
13_Fine Print 13_Freeze Remix_Fine Beats dub
14_Jayline_Too Jazzy_Audio Bully dub
15_Critical Impact & Komonazmuk_Get Away_Formation dub
16_Freeze_Sound Dimension VIP_dub
17_Konichi_Smacked_Hanger Records
18_Taxman_Cool It Judy_Playaz
19_Bionic1_Sick & Twisted_M Audio dub
20_Bluescreens_Assault_Mainframe dub
21_Critical Impact_Chinese Burns VIP_Clear Skyz dub
22_Freeze_Calm Your Ego_Fine Beats dub
23_Fine Print_Dope Head_Fine Beats dub
24_Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrik_Infared
25_Freeze_Scramble_Proximity dub
26_Body, Soul & Fourward_Tequila Worm_Mainframe dub
27_Optiv_Crackpot_Jade Remix_Close To Death dub
28_Loko_The Shadow_Program dub
29_Fred V & Grafix_Major Happy_Hospital dub
30_Critical Impact_Specialize In Love_Clear Skyz dub
31_Calyx & Teebee Feat Kemo_ Pure Gold_Ram

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