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Hailing from London, Technicolour and Komatic have had a string of solo releases aswell as collaborations on labels such as Technique, Spearhead, Bassdrive Tunes and Worldwide Audio. Brought together through mutual love and respect for music in general, they have gone on to receive support from the likes of Fabio, High Contrast & LTJ Bukem.

Their latest release is “We Were Always One” on Shogun Audio.
The track starts with some soft atmospheric chords and a simple string line over the top. A hypnotic hit hat keeps everything together. The chords continue and, slowly, different parts enter the equation. The parts all become more prominent and after over a minute, a vocal sample comes in.The vocal sample is a very breathy male vocal, no pitching up or anything, just a nice clean sample. The echo from the vocal begins to disappear as the tune drops.

The drums and bass kick in without warning and the edits on the drums show that this isn’t some 2-step cut and paste job. It’s Amen, brother. Deep, warm, droning bass sits underneath and charges the whole thing along while the drum edits progress as the tune does. The vocal sample floats in and out while the chords from the intro sit quietly in the mix, maintaining the musical element to the song. The tune is rolling, but still gritty, and the atmospheric pads and vocals dreamily carry you along, whilst nodding your head.
The bass drops out, the drums start filtering down into an abyss and the strings and pad become more prominent as the tune enters the breakdown. A short break of just pads and vocals is rudely interrupted by the filtered drums quietly creeping back in, gradually getting louder whilst the edits remain and develop. Incoming.

8 kick drum roll and the tune spends the next 8 beats melting away til there’s just the pad and vocal before the tune explodes into life with the drums coming back and a change in the bassline. It’s aggier. So are the drums. The edits are now coming a lot more frequently than before and the tune as a whole has moved up a gear or 2. This continues and the bass develops more with some big sub hits. The vocal is apparent as it fades in and echoes out. The chords from the intro return and the tune levels out again.

The meat of the tune is over there and the individual parts start dropping out as the tune reduces itself into nothingness. This would be my biggest gripe, the tune doesn’t feel ready to finish. But clocking in at 6:33, it’s certainly not a short tune. I just think the end is a bit rushed, you’ve spent 4 minutes getting there, why not enjoy it a little longer? Or perhaps that’s the whole point, leave you wanting more. A dicktease.
Still, it’s not bad when the only negative is that the tune isn’t long enough.



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4 Responses to Technicolour & Komatic – We Were Always One – SGN

  1. petercee says:

    Nice ‘technical’ revew there Nolan.

    Feels like its ‘back to school’ for a duffer like me who just thinks – do I like it ? – Can I dance to it?

  2. node says:

    Good review, track sounds quality!

  3. big future for these guys! heard a few things by them sounding very good

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